GMM1010 Gantry Milling Machine

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GMM1010 gantry milling machine could be used in offshore oil and gas , Nuclear Power, Shipyard, Hydro Power , Steam and Gas Turbine Industries…

  • Linear / Gantry milling machine:
  • X Stroke: 1000mm
  • Y Stroke: 1000mm
  • Z Stroke: 150mm
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    axis 1000mm
    axis 1000mm
    axis 150mm
    X/Y feed Auto feed
    Z feed Manually
    X power Electric motor
    Y power Electric motor
    Milling head drive(Z) Hydraulic power unit18.5KW(25HP)
    Milling head speed 0-590
    Milling head spindle taper NT40
    Cutting diameter 160mm
    Milling head display High precision digital caliper
    GMM1010 Gantry milling machine

    The three-dimensional flexible combined milling machine is composed of different modules.
    Modules include: bed module, column module, slide module, power head module, feed module, positioning module, connectors, fasteners, etc.
    Different modules can be combined arbitrarily according to requirements.
    Milling machines that can be combined into different structural forms: cantilever milling machines, column milling machines, gantry milling machines, and other milling machines.
    It can also be combined into milling machines of any length and width.
    Adopt high-precision, reliable actuators, with good stability, durability and dynamic response.
    It has the characteristics of high rigidity, high precision and compact structure.
    It has the characteristics of high horsepower and stepless speed regulation of constant torque between various speeds.
    The cutting force is large, and the cutting depth can reach 5mm during rough machining;
    High machining accuracy, surface roughness can reach Ra3.2 during finishing


    1. Modular design, easy to install and operate, power strong.  
    2. Forging main bed through multiple heat treatment, equipped with high  precision linear guide for insure cutting steady.
    3. Main bed is with rack and pinion drive structure which has extensibility.
    4. Milling arm is made of Steel plate, structural strength is stable.  
    5. Both X and Y axis feed automatically, Z axis feed manually and equipped with height digital scale.
    6. Power drive is used hydraulic. It is equipped with one set of hydraulic power unit which has three kinds power output, which can separately satisfy spindle milling head and X and Y axis feed automatically with remote control box,
    7. Spindle milling head can be used various models hydraulic motor, which can satisfy different cutting speed requirement.
    8. The milling machine also has extended features. That is to say, this gantry milling machine can be exchanged into monorail plane milling machine. Functional applicability greatly improved.

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