GMM2010 Gantry Milling Machine

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GMM2010 gantry milling machine
perfect for strict environments and repair work where dismantling is not feasible, our portable mills can be bolted, clamped, or magnetically attached directly onto the workpiece and can be configured in almost any position.

  • Linear / Gantry milling machine:
  • X Stroke: 2000mm
  • Y Stroke: 1000mm
  • Z Stroke: 150mm
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    Dongguan portable portable tools design and produce reliable on-site milling machines, including the gantry milling machine, linear milling machine, key cutting milling machine, portable surface milling machine, cnc thread milling machine, weld bead shavers milling machine . All machines are designed with ultra-portable, without losing rigidity, close tolerance on machining the workpieces .

    Our mills includes gantry milling machine, linear milling machine, heat exchanger on site machines, orbital milling machine, all of which are an economical alternative for your on-site milling dilemmas.  Each machine is versatile in its own right, and offers a level of adaptability that allows it to meet a range of configurations for most milling requirements.


    Power Station

    Gantry milling machine has different power options: hydraulic power pack, servo motor system and electric motor.
    Hydraulic power pack: high torque with the heaviest weight.
    Servo motor: with worm gear as the reduction, it gets the torque than several times as before. But still comes with the control box.
    Electric motor: the most portable drive power with smallest size, easy to carry.


    For the gantry milling machine, Surface roughness Ra1.6-3.2, flatness:0.05mm/meter, it could reach 150-300mm/minute.

    Lightweight designs

    1. The Y axis made of aviation aluminium, portable lightweight without losing it rigidity. X axis made of cast iron, it comes with stability for the base.
    2. The modular bed design allows splicing design to your requirement, X axis length could works from 1 meter to 10 meters , even more length.
    3. Reliable & precise milling to meet tight machining tolerances in both linear and gantry mill configurations.

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