IFF1000 Flange Facing Machine

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In situ flange facing tools for refacing of Oil and Gas Refinery industries flanges.

  • Facing diameter: 150-1000mm(6-40”)
  • ID Mounting range: 145-813mm(5.7-32”)
  • Power option: Pneumatic motor, Servo motor
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    Dongguan Portable Tools provides a variety of flange facing machine tools for resurfacing flat face and raised flange faces ,RTJ grooves for ring type joint gaskets. Portable flange facing machines provide a continuous groove spiral serrated finish,it’s very essential for achieving leak-free connections on many types of flange joint and reconditioning flange gasket seating area’s perfect.

    The rigid and versatile IFF1000 delivers high-torque performance to quickly re-face flanges and repair sealing and bearing surfaces efficiently and cost-effectively
    Powered 360° tool post – for a wider range of machining operations
    6 continuous groove facing feeds for a gramophone finish


    Quick set adjustable clamping jaws, minimize set up time
    Most of our flange facing machine configured for face machining, reface, mill, O-ring groove, RTJ grooves, counter bore, OD chamfer, chamfer of counter bore.
    Benefits:  Exceedingly versatile, Highly portable, Latest linear technology, High efficiency, Low noise ,level 2.0hp drive ,Storage/shipping box

    Optional drive power

    IFF1000 portable facing tools , an internally mounted and robust flange facing machine capable of producing 6 different continuous groove gramophone finishes to ASME Standard.

    Powerful Torque

    IFF1000 Flange facing machine tools delivers high-torque performance to quickly re-surface flanges and repair sealing and bearing surfaces efficiently and cost-effectively.

    Portable flange facing machine futures

    Precision construction
    Geared continuous groove facing feeds for a gramophone finish (ASME Standard)
    Striker/kick boring feeds, to complete a full range of machining applications
    Quick set independent base for improved on-site operation
    Hardened slide ways to maintain long term accuracy
    Swivel tool post for groove details; reduces need for separate accessories


    Dongguan Portable Flange Facers are suitable:
    Gasket seal on tube sheet machining
    Drilling, milling, and mount facing of ship thruster
    Power plants station,
    Chemical plants,
    Oil&gas industries,
    Flange faces on piping systems
    Pump housing flanges
    Weld preps
    Tube sheet bundles.
    Bearing mounting bases
    Final drive hubs
    Bull gear faces
    Manufacturing of mining
    ID mounted flange facer IFF1000 is prepared to implement applications complying with ASME standards.
    IFF1000 flange facing tools allows for a high quality machining, resulting in one continuous groove producing a true gramophone finish.
    ID mount flange facing working on the flange type face below:
    Flat Face
    Raised Face
    Ring Type Joints (RTJ) groove
    Tongue & Groove
    Lens Ring
    Grayloc® (hub profile)
    Compact Flanges
    O ring
    Counter bore
    Chamfer counter bore
    Customized portable flange facing machine is welcomed.

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