WBM120 Weld Bead Milling Machine

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Weld bead shaving machine for plates, on site milling machine tools for surface milling cutting,the portable milling tools could be designed and manufactured according to clients’ request. It’s the in-situ portable milling machine tools.

  • Portable weld bead milling machine:
  • X stroke: 120mm
  • Z stroke: 50mm
  • Facemill cutter diameter: 40mm
  • Maximum cutting depth per pass: 1mm
  • Adjustment increment: 0.1mm
  • Electric motor: 1700W
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    WBM120 in situ weld bead shavers tool is a portable surface milling machine, the body of machine is 18kg only. It is used for pipe plane processing , welding seam milling. Weld bead shaving for plates. It can be applied to the application of different pipe diameters or different welding seam specifications. It is convenient and fast, can be customized as request.

    Weld bead milling machine with good stability and high reliability, and is equipped with on-site safe operation handles.

    WBM120 surface milling machine used for weld bead shaving on a wall or on a floor. Or used for machining the pipe surface.

    Application: Steel,Stainless steel, Non-ferrous metal, Plastic.

    Weld Bead Milling machine depth adjustment by One-touch spline controller, Adjustment Increment: min. 0.1 mm step.

    The weld bead shavers milling machine weight only 13kg for the main body. It’s easy to carry out for on site face milling project.

    Weld bead shavers equipped with German motor - metabo-1700W,the X axis stroke:120mm, Z axis stroke:14mm, single cutting depth max 1 mm , adjustment increment for 0.1mm with One-touch spline controller.

    Weld bead shavers milling machine has different way to mount, we could use the chain to carry out the body for the pipe or use the 4 strong magnets on the plate to do the face mill job.

    The flatness for the on site milling project is 0.02mm. And Roughness is Ra1.6-3.2. It meets the requirement of the in field service.

    The weld bead shaver milling tools could be customized, including the X axis stroke, Z axis stroke, Working area, motor , mounting option...

    Compact yet rigid design for hard to reach and limited clearance applications.

    WBM120 weld bead milling machine designed with rigid and durable ability for in situ face milling job. It’s fast and easy to set up with the strong and reliable structure. Weld bead shaver is easily machined, especially in tight locations because of it’s portable.

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