CMM304 Portable CNC Milling Machine

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A portable CNC Milling machine for the Stud removal ,thread cutting.

  • Hole Diameter: 22.2-304.8mm
  • Hole Depth: 452.1-203.2mm
  • X-axis Travel: 203.2mm
  • Y-axis Travel: 203.2mm
  • Z-axis Travel: 508.0 mm
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    CMM304 PORTABLE CNC MILLING MACHINE is a multifunctional milling equipment, a portable 3-axis CNC milling machine.

    It is suitable for on-site milling of screw holes made of steel, copper and stainless steel, single machine capable of both drilling and threading.

    It can machine metric and inch threaded holes of any pitch.

    It can be extended to milling, boring, drilling, expanding, reaming and tapping of threaded holes, it’s apply for a typical thread before refurbishment.

    Three axis CNC control system is adopted, with high degree of automation and strong reliability.

    The actuator with high precision and good reliability is adopted, which has good stability, durability and dynamic response.

    It is characterized by light and compact structure, high rigidity and high precision,All three axes utilize precision ground ball screws, providing precise movement of the milling head.


    CMM304 PORTABLE CNC MILLING MACHINE has the characteristics of high horsepower and stepless speed regulation with constant torque between rotating speeds

    CMM304 CNC thread milling machine is a multi-function high-precision three-axis linkage CNC milling machine, which can realize milling, drilling, reaming, thread milling and other functions. The maximum machining diameter is 304mm, and it can be equipped with the Siemens CNC operating system.

    Powerful processing ability: Milling, drilling, thread milling, reaming and other precision operations can be realized under on-site processing conditions

    Siemens CNC system: The operating system and intelligent control algorithm of the Siemens control system, the simple and easy-to-operate control screen ensure the highest dynamic response, machining accuracy and maximum repeatability, motion control software provides detailed real-time feedback on tool positioning and machine operation.

    Aviation aluminum fuselage: High-strength aviation aluminum material is used to reduce the weight of the fuselage to the greatest extent on the basis of ensuring mechanical strength, and the cutting and precision guarantees provide a strong guarantee for its portability.

    Typical examples:: Take broken bolts, repair bolt holes on site, and turn threads,manway covers and reactor studs,the new thread, The first pass cores out the centre of the bolt ,the remaining stud material is removed using the radial plunge method.

    CMM304 cnc thread milling machine is designed for the accurate removal of cracked or broken studs up to 304mm diameter and the precise refurbishment of damaged threads.

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