KWM150 Key Way Milling Machine

Short Description:

Portable rigid slot milling machine

  • Stroke (slide travel) max: 152mm
  • Vertical travel max: 50mm
  • Mounting Shaft diameter: 38-266mm
  • Power(Electric motor): 1200W
  • Milling head: R8
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    KWM150 portable Key way milling machine is a simple, rugged, dependable machine tool designed to cut keyways in shafts without costly set-up time or dismantling of the work piece.

    It is suitable for key way milling of shaft parts made of steel, copper and stainless steel.

    The automatic centering V-base is quick and easy to set up, and clamps on any shaft from 38-266mm in diameter with a standard bar clamp.It’s used for key way processing and maintenance of large shaft parts.

    KWM150 keyway milling machine application: it cuts stub-end keyways or mid-shaft keyways slots in shaft quick and easy.

    Key way milling machine mounting options: Sealed lubrication system allows machine to be mounted horizontally, vertically or upside down. Clamped on the shaft or on the flat surface by magnet hand powered.

    The knife arm is inlaid with dovetail guides or large linear industrial guides to ensure the rigidity of the machine body during processing.

    Adopt high-precision, reliable actuators, with good stability, durability and dynamic response.

    It has the characteristics of high rigidity, high precision and compact structure.

    It has the characteristics of high horsepower and step less speed regulation of constant torque between various speeds.


    The cutting force is large, and the cutting depth can reach 3mm during rough machining;

    High machining accuracy, surface roughness can reach Ra3.2 during finishing.

    KWM150 key way milling machine main body materials made of 40Cr with high strength and hardness for the key way cutting.
    It’s versatile, smooth and precise, it mounts anywhere along a shaft, at any angle, and eliminates the need for a costly assortment of different size cutters

    Key way milling machine has two different base for keyway cutting.

    Model 1 with the clamp collar, it could be mounted at diameter of 38-266mm of shaft. And mounted firmly with the bolts, it could be mounted anywhere the position of the bar, mount on the end or mount on the middle or tapered shafts.
    Model 2 key way milling machine with the permanent magnetic base, a single operator could turn it on or off easily to makes the keyway milling machine on the plate. It’s the good models for the weld bead shavers of milling machine. With the milling head of M8, electric motor of German motor 1200W,the powerful motor ensure the milling cut smoothly and continuously.

    High precision: keyway milling machine adjustment increment(Feed rate): 0.1mm by manual. The machining accuracy could be controlled by the on site operators.It’s a small but rugged machine able to cut full-depth key ways or mill flats quickly, without requiring extensive dismantling or costly set-up time.

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