IFF1650 Flange Facing Machine

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High precision and stable flange facing cutting tools.

  • Facing diameter: 350-1650mm(13.8-65”)
  • ID Mounting range: 350-1500mm(13.8-59”)
  • Power option: Pneumatic motor, Hydraulic power,Servo motor
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    IFF1650 flange facing machine modular design minimize the set up time, makes quick re-surface flanges and disassemble jobs. It cuts the on site flange surface from 350-1650mm with different bases for variety of machining applications. On site flange facing machine tools delivers high performance, versatility, reliability and safety. It reconditions the sealing and bearing surfaces cost effectively fast and easy with robust aluminum body.

    IFF1650 portable flange facer made of strong aviation aluminium, it ensures the minimum weight of the fuselage without losing rigidity. Aluminum material makes sure of the high portable lightweight, the on site operators could control the flange face surface recondition nice and easy.

    IFF1650 Flange facing machine

    In situ flange facing machine tools was provided 3 different options to choose. The clients could decide which power drive to use.
    Pneumatic motor: it has no sparks when the flange surface was cutting. It ensures the safety for most of oil and gas plant,chemical plant,petroleum refinery industry...But it needs the air compressors big enough, at least 6-8bar. And bigger output trachea than input trachea, it will be fine with the power drive.
    Hydraulic power unit with 18.5kw(25hp), it delivers huge torque for the portable flange facing machine tools. HPU gets 10 meters x 2 of hydraulic tube, which will meets most of on site flange facing machine recondition jobs. But the weight is also pretty heavy, HPU is 450kg without hydraulic oil, weight about 600kg with # hydraulic oil in the tank.
    Servo power system is pretty easy to carry out. It’s much light and portable for most of flange facing job applications. With remote control panel of controlling box, it will deliver stepless speed regulation with the reliable and precision control.
    IFF1650 flange facing machine facing diameter:350-1650, it covers most of the portable flange facers working range on the market. And the customized flange facing diameter is also available to be done. Welcome to send enquiry to Dongguan Portable Tools for further discussion.

    Application of flange facing machine tools includes:Repairing ring grooves or for cutting new grooves ,Plate and vessel weld preparation 

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