LBM60 Portable Line Boring Machine

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A portable line boring machine tools for a wide range of line boring application. Especially for the mining industry equipments on site line boring and welding machining.

  • Working diameter: 65-600mm,Optional : 35-600mm
  • Boring bar: φ60mm , Optional : φ30mm
  • Facing head: 80-380mm, Optional : 260-650mm
  • Power drive: Electric/Servo/Hydraulic power pack
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    Axial feed unit wight 9 kg only, the mechanical feed, feed rate per revolution:0-0.5mm/rev, the boring stroke could be customized according to your on site situation. Boring travels for 600mm and 1000mm are enough for most of the boring hole with such design.
    Available in 110v/220v/ 380v/415v, 50/60Hz . The electric and servo motor with 110v or 220v, the hydraulic power unit use the voltage of 380v/415v because of different counties. We have made these voltages both with different countries, such as USA, Canada, Australia......
    Drive power: LBM60 portable line-boring machine tools is suitable for different restrictive space. Hydraulic power unit with 18.5kw or 11kw, 7.5kw for the heavy duty line boring machining. The power comes with 380V or 415V , different countries comes with different voltage. Hydraulic power pack is heavy but high torque. Difficult to make the transportation. The servo motor system has a control box and panel, it’s not so portable compared with electric motor.
    Avoid costly shop repairs and complete your bore restorations on-site. Quick and easy setup, powerful drive motors, and reliable operation make all your line boring jobs affordable and easy. LBM60 boring systems are highly adaptable and can be configured to suit your application.

    LBM60 Line boring machine is configured for many industries, oil and gas, mining industries, shipyard building, turbine casing on site line boring, Ship stern shaft rudder line boring, turbine casing on site line boring, Hinge pins portable line boring machining,rudder hole portable line boring machining......

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