LBM90 Portable Line Boring Machine

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In situ of portable line boring equpments for Stern Tube Housings,seallanding surfaces,Bushes… On site line boring machining of shipyard tailshaft hole and Stern Rudder hole.

  • Working diameter: 95-800mm
  • Boring bar: φ90mm
  • Facing head: 120-450mm, optional : 280-900mm
  • Power drive: Servo motor, Hydraulic power unit
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    1. The most compact on site line-boring machine tools.
    2. Dongguan portable boring bar systems provide machining capabilities on set up equipment where disassembly or removal from the job site would be costly and time consuming. We employ a simple design to provide a stable, rigid means for machining of in-place, on site jobs. The machines are portable and provide quick and easy set up and operation.
    3. Attachments and related equipment can be provided for facing, grooving, milling and almost any machining need. The design of the equipment provides for an efficient and rigid set up to allow you to get the job done quickly, safely and efficiently.
    LBM90 line boring machine

    LBM90 on-site boring machine has two power for it’s drive unit. Servo motor and hydraulic power pack. Why not use the electric motor, because it’s lack of enough torque to drive the boring bar. It’s a nice on-site boring equipment for straight holes, such as stern shaft, rudder shaft holes,Engine Bedplates,Cylinder Liner,Clevis plate bores,heavy duty boring machine and other in field lining machine.
    The support arm has two models, one for double arm, another for three arm supporting. Normally it has to be 3 supporting arm for length of 2500mm boring bar.
    That’s how it’s reliable and stability for the portable line boring system.
    The function of on site boring system mainly used for processing straight inner holes, stepped holes, grooves, chamfers, end faces, etc.
    LBM90 in line bore machine adopts modular combination design, which can be installed horizontally or vertically according to the working conditions on site.
    Portable line boring bar is made of overall alloy structural steel, which has been heat treated for many times, with high strength, hard chrome plating on the surface, good wear resistance and no rust.
    Rotational Drive Unit could be mounted any position on the bar, the worm gear reduction with 8.5:1 ratio, the whole body weight 25kg, the RDU has good rigidity and wear resistance.
    The main shaft box, end face support and inner sleeve of the center support are all elastic sleeves, which are easy to insert the boring bar when loosening, and eliminate the gap between the inner sleeve and the boring bar when locking.
    The center support can be adjusted axially for easy installation in deep holes.
    LBM90 in situ line boring machine tools adopt high-precision cnc machines to manufacture the accessories, line boring machine part comes with good stability and  durability.
    The boring bar machine for heavy duty equipment machining, single cutting depth could up to 10 mm during rough machining. Surface roughness could reach to Ra1.6-3.2 when it comes to high precision of accuracy boring jobs.

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