LMX1000 Linear Milling Machine

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Portable solid linear milling machine for on site machining project service in limited space.

  • X Stroke: 1000mm
  • Y Stroke: 500mm
  • Z Stroke: 150mm
  • Milling Spindle Head Taper: NT40/50
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    LMX1000 portable line milling machine designed for light-duty linear milling jobs. It’s suitable for plane and surface milling cutting job. The module bed made of aluminum material,it saves the weight for on site milling project, which makes it easy to carry in situ.

    Gantry milling machine or portable milling machine are the good products for milling cutting service in the field project. Portable linear milling machine could be variant by the Gantry milling machine or made it by a single bed.

    LMX1000 on site linear milling machine comes with different motor. X bed is drive by the electric motor. Electric motor is a portable model, it’s easy to carry out and assemble fast.

    Modular linear rail kit convert the gantry milling machine to 3 axis linear milling tools to fit for different working areas.

    LMX series of surface milling machine could be used on the weld bead milling job or flat plant surface service.

    1. Modular design, easy to operate with high torque .

    2. Milling Bed using the calcined pieces, after repeated heat treatment, structural steel is good, equipped with high-precision linear guide.

    3. Milling bed with Ball screw rod and pinion drive structure and high scalability。

    4. Air knife aluminum alloy castings, high structural strength.

    5. X,Y auto feed,Z manual feed,equipped with High precision digital caliper

    6. Power-driven hydraulic unit, equipped with a hydraulic pump station,  respectively, to meet the milling head and X, Y two-axis automatic feed. With remote control box.

    7. Milling spindle head drive equipped with different types of motors for different cutting speed requirements.


    Heavy linear rails and Ball screw feed.

    Ram (Y Axis) can be offset to either side of the bed, and clamped.

    Dovetail clamps allow the Ram to be locked in any position.

    Ram may also be rotated 180º for increased flexibility

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