LBM120 Porable Line Boring Machine

Short Description:

  • Boring diameter: 150-1000mm
  • Boring bar diameter: φ120mm
  • Facing head: Ø150-480mm, optional diameter:Ø450-1100mm
  • Drive options: Servo motor, Hydraulic power unit
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    LBM120 Portable line boring machine used in processing inner hole, Big scaled ship fixed hole, ship axis hole, can be installed horizontally and vertically.

    In situ line boring machine for the large boom hinge hole processing,the articulated holes of boom, hatch cover and oil cylinder can be quickly and effectively repaired.

    The lead screws for the length of line boring once. The lead screws could be customized as your requirement. Best length is <1000mm from our suggestion for the strength and rigidity

    LBM120 line boring equipment is a huge heavy line boring tools, it covers a wide range of boring hole:150-1100mm. There are various reasons why a business may require line boring services. From car manufacturing to shipbuilding, to the power industry and other sectors with complex mechanical needs, there are many workpieces that require fine-tuning Most of application for the – Gearbox parts and housings,Various applications in shipbuilding, including rudder parts and stern tube, Driveshaft housing, A-frame supports, Hinge pins,Turbine casing,Engine Bedplates,Cylinder Liner locations,Clevis plate bores.

    For the wind powder industry,mining, railway, hydroelectric, marine, nuclear, oil & gas,shipbuilding, stern tail shaft processing... the portable line boring tools are used widely for the on site repairing system.

    For the boring bar system, it comes with 1meter to 12meters even more. The support arms with different models makes sure the stability and reliability for the machining service. Copper support for the smaller hole machining, bearing support for the bigger hole machining.

    High torque of servo motor or hydraulic power pack provide smooth delivery.

    Hard chrome precision bar to enhance the hardness of boring machine.

    Infinitely variable auto-feed, capable of cutting all materials.

    Modular design makes the quick set up.

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