IFF2000 Flange Facing Machine

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Reliable portable flange facing machine to save the downtime cost.

  • Facing diameter: 762-2000mm(30-80”)
  • ID Mounting range: 604-1830mm(23.75-72”)
  • Power option: Hydraulic power, Pneumatic motor, Servo motor
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    IFF2000 flange facing machine, a heavy duty flange facer with single cutting and milling function.
    Dongguan portable in field flange facing machine helps keep flange connections lead-proof.
    This ultra low-profile flange facing tool was specially developed for on site machining.The low aspect ratio of this machine allows for flange face machining from 762mm to 2032mm diameter.The machine is internally mounted and driven by a Pneumatic motor or Hydraulic power pack or Servo motor system. Each power gets it’s own advantage for in field flange facing service.
    With the facing machining of portable flange facer IFF2000, the flatness will be 0.1mm/meter under the face recondition of single cutting job. It will comes out 0.05mm/meter with the milling head. And surface roughness between Ra1.6 to Ra3.2

    IFF2000 flange facing machine

    IFF2000 in field flange facer tools with 6 different groove facing feed for a gramophone finish.
    High precision bearing makes sure the durability and repeatable accuracy for the on site flange face recondition. If the wear and tear at the flange to flange connection becomes bigger than before, there will be leakage of hazardous gas or liquid energy, huge loss will be formed.It will cause connections to lose their tight seal, which may lead to leaks and corrosion in your pipeline system. On site flange facing is a field machining service that prevents these issues. It involves resurfacing the flange so the faces fit together perfectly. Regular flange facing helps you maintain joint integrity in your pipeline infrastructure.
    IFF2000 is the reliable flange facing tools for these complex pipe line system. It helps a lot for in Field machining which flange facing tools cut the flanges to restore a spiral grooved finish.
    Application of portable flange facing tools:
    Large pump base housing resurfacing
    Reface the sealing surface of the ship hatch
    Repair the heat exchangers and to reface the valve flanges
    Flange value manufacturer, Heavy Equipment ,
    Ship building & repair,
    Vessel flanges
    On site flange facing machine tools are the perfect equipment for the repair the corrosion or damaged flange in the pipe line system. Oil and gas industries, petrochemical industry,Petroleum Refinery benefits a lot with such in field surface facing tools. 

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