LBM50 Portable Line Boring Machine

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Small but rigid of portable line boring machine

  • Working diameter: 38-300mm
  • Boring bar: φ50x1820mm+φ35x1200mm
  • Facing head: 80-380mm
  • Power drive: Electric motor
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    LBM50 is the most compact on site machine in the portable line boring machine market. The lightweight and compact design for fast processing with a wide range of configurations for versatility.
    Drive power comes with a electric motor 1800W, it’s a German brand, which makes sure the stability and reliable quality.
    Infinitely variable, reversible power feed,travel stroke for 280mm, the single depth cutting is far enough for most of the line boring machining.

    The boring bar with φ50x1820mm, the axial feed unit/rotation unit could be mounted anywhere on the bar if clearance troubles you on site situation.

    Boring Capacity from 55-300mm, which covers most of excavator and pins of hole on site line boring job. With an extra sleeves set, the smaller boring bar : φ35x1200mm, the minimum boring diameter could reach to 38mm, it increase the boring range.
    The gearbox weight for 9 kg only, the compact gearbox is easy to set up and carry out for transportation, with Mechanical feed, feed rate per revolution:0-0.5mm/rev,with 3:1 worm gear reduction ratio, it increase the high torque 3 times as it be.
    LBM50 line boring machine comes with adjustable limit block which makes it auto line boring system when the specific boring stroke settled down.
    In situ line boring machines LBM50 equipped with universal bearing, they could be mounted many shapes to suit the tough working space. The boring machine could be set up easily with auto welding machine.This is a complete bore repair system for boring and weld overlay, shipped as one convenient package.
    Dongguan portable boring bar system,the rigid setup, high torque motors and accurate cutting restores your bores to like-new condition.
    Bore measuring tools and cutter measuring tools increase the high precision for the alignment of on site machining.
    LBM50 portable line boring machine tools belongs to the smaller and ultra-portable on site tools, its the finest in line machines for our models.
    Customized line boring machines are also welcomed!

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