LBM40 Portable Line Boring Machine

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LBM40 Line boring machine designed for machining pin hole of small excavator,bulldozer and other mining equipments.

  • Working diameter: 45-150mm
  • Boring bar: φ45x1500mm
  • Facing head: 70-250mm
  • Power drive: Servo motor
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    Portable line boring machine makes on site boring machining easy and quick for concentric bore repair of holes.
    On site line boring equipment is suitable for on-site boring and reaming of straight holes in steel, copper and stainless steel materials.
    Portable line boring equipment used for processing straight inner holes, stepped holes, grooves, chamfers, end faces, etc.
    LBM40 in situ line boring tools adopts modular combination design, which can be installed horizontally or vertically according to the working conditions on site.
    The worm gear is made of high quality of copper and is centrifugally cast, and has the characteristics of good rigidity and good wear resistance.


    In situ line boring equipment adopt high-precision, reliable actuators, with good stability, durability.
    The ultra-light structure, compact rigidity, high precision and compact structure makes the mobile line boring job possible.
    LBM40 small line boring equipment comes with servo power system, with high power and stepless speed regulation of constant torque between various speeds.
    The cutting depth could reach 2mm during rough machining; High accuracy of line boring machining, and the surface roughness during finishing can reach Ra1.6
    Compact design of mobile line boring machine makes it works in many tough space possible.
    Lightweight of primary body , which is easy to carry out for transportation and operation in a single technician.
    Working range of 45-150mm with a φ45x1500mm of boring bar, which is made of integral alloy structural steel, it has undergone quenching and tempering, surface quenching, multiple stress relief tempering and surface chrome plating, with high strength and good wear resistance.
    LBM40 on site line boring machines comes with a facing head, the surface cutting diameter: 70-250mm, it makes the small flange face available, also makes the on-site boring machining job highly efficiency.

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