We have been producing the on site circular flange milling machine for decades, we have made the in situ flange facer  known for their precision and accuracy.

Portable flange facing machine , including sircular flange milling machine are the profect on site milling tools for recondition the imperfections, corrosion, or irregularities due to wear and tear or improper installation because the damage of flange surfaces.

To ensure the better performance of the flange connections and make sure the flange face connection no leaks in industrial flange piping systems, especially the oil and gas , refinery plant,petrochemical . We need to use the on site flange facing machines to resurface the flange faces.

For small diameter of flange facing machine, we may use the manual operated flange facer to do the smooth finsh and stock finsh for small quantity. But for the large flange diameters , the circular flange milling machine is needed for removing material and machining the orbital milling project with high precision accuracy as an efficient method to save the cost and energy for the program.

Dongguan Portable Tools Co.Ltd is the professional manufacturer of on site machines tools, we produce the circular milling machines to minimize set up time, save the transportation time and cost , so they can get attention to finish the work with extra energy.

Portable circular milling machine could be used with milling cutters or single point cutting job by pear pass.This setup is particularly advantageous for achieving high-tolerance machining and superior surface finishes on flanges. Whether you’re aiming for fast material removal or impeccable precision, our Circular Milling system cam provide a comprehensive solution. Our machine has the versatility of mounting in horizontal, vertical and Inclined positions on different flange machining applications.

It helps to create new mating surfaces that ensure a perfect seal when you assemble it. Flange facing is done using a tool known as the flange facing tool, flange facers, or flange facing machine. Geared continuous groove facing feeds for a gramophone finish

Flange facers are tools used to machine the surfaces of flanges to ensure a tight and leak-free seal. Flange management involves inspecting, maintaining, and repairing flanges to ensure their proper function.

In situ flange facing machine applications for many different industries, including :Machining Crane Bearing Faces, Repairing Draglines,Machining Large Flanges,Machining Ship Thrust Flanges,Windmill Flanges Hydro turbines

ODM OEM of on site flange facing machine are welcomed. We are factory of on site flange facing milling machine, aimed to produce high quality and reliable of portable flange facer to machine RTJ Grooves, flat flanges, stock finsh, smooth finish for your on site services.