Why should you choose portable line boring machine?


Why should you choose portable line boring machine?


Why should you choose a portable line boring machine?

Because it is an on site machines that allows you to carry out boring and other repairs directly onsite, and it offers a number of great advantages.

LBM90 portable in situ line boring machine is the compact, versatile and powerful line boirng machine compare to other models.

This compact powerhouse tackles tough jobs in tight spaces with ease. Its versatility makes it a valuable asset for any machine shop


Dongguan Portable Tools manufacture the on site lane boring machine with powerful strength and torque, it can be used horizontally or vertical to boring mill for different project, including bearing seat lapping, Naval Prop-Shaft Coupling Hole Boring, other worn boom ram piviots with a taper cutting attachment to a 30° angle

Dongguan portable tools produce portable line boring machine , which provides time-consuming manual labour and hello to efficiency and productivity when you are working in remote locations or on-site

We want to provide in situ line boring machine tools to simlify your project, so you can save more time ,energy and cost for you.

LBM90 on site line boring machine has the reliablity and flexibility to handle tough boring jobs even in tight and cramped spaces , it’s the most compact design for the portable line boring machine tools in it’s class.

Line boring machine will match the auto bore welder together well for your on site machining.


Dongguan portable tools provide the reliable and high precision on site machines for clients. The bearings and leadscrews are imported from Japan, the CNC machines are comes from Japan and German, which make sure of the good quality and reliable on site line boring machines for your machinings.

We will customized portable line boring machine from 30mm-2000mm according to your requirements, the straightforward set-up and easy-to-handle design of the line boring machine makes the in situ holes be bored quick and easy.

Welcome to contact us for on site line boring machine, on site flange facing machine, on site line milling machine, ODM , OEM is also ok.